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3 beeps in a Citroen C2 (not low on petrol though)

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BrotherLouie | 20:36 Mon 19th Jan 2009 | Cars
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My wife's C2's windscreen wipers recently stopped working. We found out it was a blown fuse - and replaced it, no problems.

However now whenever you start the car up, as soon as you start moving, the computer beeps three times. Then whenever you come to a standstill, then pull away again, it beeps three times again.

I've read online that three beeps is usually symptematic of low petrol, but it has nearly a full tank. I've checked the oil and that's fine too.

Does anyone know what these three beeps is telling me, and why it only happens whenever I pull away from standstill?


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Have you put the right AMP fuse back in its place?
Question Author
Yep, 10A mini-fuse - exactly the same

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3 beeps in a Citroen C2 (not low on petrol though)

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