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Removing an engine from 306 xsi

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mich1983 | 01:48 Tue 10th Jun 2008 | Cars
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I have a pug 306 xsi 1997 P reg. I have had nothing but problems wiv it but i love the car. I had it mot in december last yr. For the 1st month it ran great like a dream. But then every time i went on the duel carriage way and got 2 60mph it bounced all over the place(no 1 knew y it was doin it. In January it had a new coil pack, new spark plugs, an insert 4 spark plug 1 as it flew out the engine(the tread had gone). New HT leads. But last month i noticed that i had oil in the rad water, and white goo in the oil. I took it to 7 garages who kept tellin me different things 1 the head gasket, then it ws condinstion, fuel problems, etc. Then i was drivin dron a duel carrage way and did'nt notice the water i was leavin all over the rd untill my car just lost power and cut out rollin 2 a stop, it then failed 2 start and i did'nt have any dash board lights nothin at all. Now a number of garages have told me a number of things again 1 says the engine has seezed, another say some think else. I have got prices 4 a engine from breakers yard and quote 4 my engine 2 be re-con.

What is wrong wiv my car??

What is the best thing 2 do bout it??

If the engine has seezed. Do i need 2 take the gear box out wiv the engine as 1 garage said i would have 2??

How much should a good re-con cost me i have had 1 quote 4 �750??

Plz Help.


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well unless you are capable of rebuilding the engine yourself, another engine is the easiest way forward, The engine WILL have to come out whitchever method you choose, as for the gearbox, it is much easier to lift with the gearbox atatched, assuming you have some lifting equipment, if not hire a hydraulic lifting hoist on wheels as it is then a doddle to remove it, i say leave gearbox on, as the drive shafts will have to be popped out of the diff anyway,
there are plenty of these engines on E/Bay ranging from �50.00 to �300.00 some are still in the doner vehicle, so you can hear them running,
it sounds a big job, but once you have the lifting equipment and( if you are not competent at this ) a haynes manual or similar, it is really straight forward, the thing to do, is , as you undo something ie wiring ,get some masking tape and lable it so that you know where to refit it.

Good luck, have a go you have nothing to lose now,

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Removing an engine from 306 xsi

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