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MGF problems still after head gasket change

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sasha1 | 14:48 Tue 04th Dec 2007 | Cars
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i brought a mgf in feb 07 in may a pipe blew off&took it to garage who always used for previous cars few yrs. they told me it was head gasket so i had new one and picked it up then same day i noticed overheating looked at water and it was all rusty so took it back.they said would flush it&overheating prob from that.they did then still kept overheating i took it back3 times and they said couldnt find a problem, i said it deffinately did was worried to use it but they said be ok. wen i had exhaust done my dad noticed1of the water pipes had split&been gummed, i told garage&they said would change pipes probably that causing overheat. i was bit shocked bcoz said would change pipes&radiator wen did HG. but they never, i was charged seperately4this. i had lots of work since&told them everytime took it there i have2drive with heaters on so doesnt overheat-even on hot days.said gave it good run&still couldnt see problem.anyway i tried not to use it much but it broke down last week-pipe blew off again&loads of steam.had it taken there&they said its liners inside engine, sum1 rang my dad frm garage&said wen had head tested 1st time brokedown the tester person said liners were bit gone or something.if this was the case why did they not tell me&could this of caused the overheating problems.i have spent so much money&have no clue about cars. the garage have always been great with other cars taken there. just dont know what to do. any advice would be appreciated.


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1. Don't buy British made cars (thank God Rover has gone and Fords are all made in Spain and Germany)

2. Any car that has had a new cylinder head is trouble waiting to happen. You should have sold the car straight away. The engine is never the same.

3. Please go to evening class and learn to write properly.

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MGF problems still after head gasket change

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