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MOT failure - suspension arm & bush

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rabbage | 12:12 Wed 14th Feb 2007 | Cars
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I have been told that my BMW 325 has failed the MOT and that I need to replace both front suspension arms and bushes. Before I go ahead and spend the �450 - �510 quoted for the work is there an easy way to check if this work is neccessary as I have not had any driving problems with the car.
Thanks in advance for any replies.


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The MOT is a test of vehicle safety for people who don't know how to tell if their car is faulty or not, and cars can deteriorate slowly in handling without you noticing unless you drive another with good bushes.

You need to jack the car and then lever the bushes to check for play, but to be honest unless you have a bit of experience in doing this you won't know what's acceptable wear and what's not, and the testers job IS to know: trust his judgement.

In the old days you could go to another testing station and hope to get a pass, but with the new computorised system the system will flag up that it's just failed elsewhere, so extra attention will be paid to your bushes- think of it as another years motoring for �500, it's better than the bus!!

i just had problems with both suspension arms and bushes on my escort. I bought the parts myself from a local parts shop for �28 each (including bushes) and got my mechanic friend to fit them. only works if you know a mechanic but will save you a shedload of money.
i agree with mr rusty about trusting the mechanic. dont try to avoid the problem cos it can affect your steering, and believe me if it happens at speed its bloody scary.
well said

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MOT failure - suspension arm & bush

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