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speeding with no white lines on the road.

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kemal0303 | 19:30 Fri 09th Feb 2007 | Cars
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I KNOW FOR A FACT!! that you can trigger old style gatso cameras which are placed facing to capture on-coming traffic speeding. I know this because me, my friends and my cousins always trigger off a certain camera along a dual carriageway where I live. We always trigger this camera off more than 6 or 7 times a year. I ALSO KNOW FOR A FACT that you cannot get done for speeding because the white lines on the road are not present under my car when I make the on-coming camera flash therefore they cannot verify my speed. Now I was caught speeding by one of those cameras in a different area but by the same style of camera last night. The road where I speeded was recently repaved and there were no white lines on the road... because these white lines r used to verify your speed, will I get prosecuted for speeding?


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yes,the white lines are a help,but all they have to do is work out your speed between the 2 photos.
Question Author
how do they work out the speed between the 2 photos then? I watched a programme about traffic offenses called traffic cops which talks about sheffields traffic police and traffic cameras and I know that they work out ur speed by seeing how many white lines u have covered between the 2 photos. if there are no white lines then how do they work out ur speed... that what the white lines r for... they r not there just for show.
are you that stupid that you cant work it out,if the camera takes 2 photos 2 seconds apart,they can see how far you have gone in that 2 seconds and work out the speed
normanthedog how can they work out your speed with nothink to gauge you movement between each photo. the lines are a set measurement apart to gauge this, they cant just use somethink in the background i.e. empty crisp packet.
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first of all the photos are less then 2 seconds apart. They can see how far you have travelled but they dont know what that distance is exactly in meteres or cm, thats what the white lines are for they dont paint white lines on the road for no reason you. they use a mathematical formulae that calculates what distance you have covered between the 2 photos... this distance ismeasured by using the white lines on the road and they no how many miliseconds apart the 2 photos are and then by using the distance u have covered (by use of the white lines you have crossed between the 2 photos) and the time it took to cover that distance they calculate your speed. Now if there are no white lines on the road (Like when I got flashed) then they can not calcualte the distance you covered they can only guess it... if they cant calucalte the distance you covered then they cannot calculate your speed because they dont know 1 of 2 elements of their mathematical formulae..... Havnt you ever done maths in school and learnt about the speed, time and distance triangle. ... IF THERE ARE NO WHITE LINES THEY CANNOT CALCULATE THE DISTANCE U COVERED BETWEEN THE 2 PHOTOS. IF THEY CANNOT CALCUALYE THE DISTANCE THEN THEY CANNOT CALUCLATE YOUR SPEED. BEFORE YOU REPLY TO THIS AND SAY IM WRONG THINK OF 2 THINGS.. 1. HOW ELSE DO THEY CALUCLATE THE EXACT DISTANCE I COVERED 2. WHY ARE THE WHITE LINES THERE?
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thank you tuddy.  they cannot calculate the distance covered between the 2 shots then they cannot work our ur speed. he thinks that the white dashes or lines painted horizontally acorss your lane where the speed cameras are, are there just for show. I watched a tv programme called Traffic Cops and it talks about how the sheffield speeding depratment or whatever they are called caluclate ur speed with the use of the number of white lines you have covered between the 2 photos.
Correct- the reason there is a row of lines on the road is so they can calculate the more or less exact speed you were going by counting the number of lines passed between the two pictures- very simple basic arithmetic, but it won't work without the lines; with no lines all you have is two pictures of a car in slightly different places-it may have been doing 35, it may have been doing 55, but without series of fixed reference points there's absolutely no way of knowing if it was 35,55, 75, or whatever, so no, you won't get prosecuted if it's am old type box on a pole two-flash gatso.

Question Author
MR RUSTY i got flashed on a long stretch of 30 mph road and Ive been using that road for some time and it was on old style gatso camera with the yellow relfective template type thing on it which took 2 photos. There is an exact same camera futher up the road for oncoming traffic and that has white lines and the camera I got flashed by used to have white lines also but cos they recently repaved the road the white lines are yet to be painted. Now they have just recently added another 2 speeding cameras to that road and they have the white lines also so this defenantely means that all these cameras work with the white lines. Now because there were no white lines where I got flashed... does this mean I wont be prosecuted for speeding? and if not then will I still hear from the police with a warning or something?
kemal have you thought of this. The camera does not know if there are white lines on the road or not. It flashes you because its radar or induction loop system knows that you are speeding.

Have a look at this and be very worried:

By the way your replies to Norman's answers show that you are an arrogant and abusive person. I thought of asking for them to be banned but that is up to Norman. Hopefully he will leave them here so that everyone can see what an idiot you are.

When you get caught (and you will) I just hope that you haven't already killed somebody as a result of your unnecessary speeding.
I would have thought that with no white markings then it would be nearly impossible to give a speeding fine for being a few MPH over the top e.g. if the limit was 30 and you were doing 36.
However if the speed limit is 30 and you went through at 60-70 then maybe the Huge difference in the photos would be enough for them to prove you were speeding.
Question Author
Gef I bet u feel really smart dont you... the link you gave me proves you wrong.... whos to say the camera wasnt faulty or that i was doing 32 and not 30... the article on the link you sent me says exactly what Ive been trying to tell norman and now you. 1 more time WITHOUT THE WHITE MARKINGS ON THE ROAD THEY CANNOT WORKOUT MY EXACT SPEED THEREFORE THEY CANNOT PROVE THAT I WAS ACTUALLY SPEEDING. Now let me give u a scenario rite... Im in court for speeding and they say to me "we have evidence that you were speeding" and I reply "prove it", then they show me 2 pictures of my car but then I say to them "fine how fast was I going?", now theyll reply "you were going in excess of 30" and Ill say "how do you know that, maybe the camera was faulty OR it could have been a motorist on the opposite side of the road triggering the camera which is possible because I done that before".

Now tell me Gef what are they going to say to that???

Question Author
one more thing Gef... I had my dad in the car and he began vomitting and he stopped breathing so I actually was rushing to the hospital and thats why I was speeding... it wasnt unnecessary speeding...
Kemal0303 - Why are you asking all these questions you obviously know all the answers.

AB stands for answer bank not an abuse bank. Pople go out of there way to try and help you and all you can do is abuse them.

I have an answer for you - take one element out of the equation you go on so much about - THE SPEED Dumbass
Question Author
I was originally looking for comfirmation. People dont go out of there way to help they take 30 seconds of their time to chime in with their two cents and thats it. If you dont have any comments to make about my speeding problem then dont post answer cos I dont ******* care. Have a good day people.
Everyone who has posted had a comment about your "speeding problem"

People DO go out of their way - they research questions - quite often to the 'enth degree - and post accordingly.

There is no excuse for your purile and rude behaviour - howveer there is an answer to your question - Dont Speed - oh and if you dont like the answer - Tuff - because I dont really give a toss.
-- answer removed --
Kamel - you really do have the hump dont you ??

You obviously "care" because you posted a reply you idiot

Well I dont know - you try and help someone and all you get are pathetic, childish insults for your trouble ! You're very angry and abusive - maybe you have issues - did it start when you found out your mother is also your father or when you found out you were named after your fathers girlfriend? It often happens !!

"me, my friends and my cousins always trigger off a certain camera along a dual carriageway where I live. We always trigger this camera off more than 6 or 7 times a year" - what complete ar$es you and your friends and cousins are. Whinging know it all inbreds who think they know better than everyone else and what about the law ? Well that can go and **** off like everyone else.

"dont give a **** about ppl on the internet" - thats one sure fire way of getting a reply to an answer on the answer bank - insult the people you want to give you advice then abuse the people who do - Camel - you are hilarious - you have brightened up my day - I know there are people like you out there but you have just confirmed that there are more than one and they all live close by, near a dual carriageway and are related to you Camel.

It would be great to kow where you are - so we can maybe avoid the stretch of road you and your inbred friends and family use as a racetrack.

All the best Camel and may I also suggest therapy for your anger management ?
Question Author
wow did it hurt that much when I told you to **** off. You really took it to heart didnt you? what a shame that u had to resort to my level with ****** insults. You need to get a job mate. wow mum and dad jokes really got to me Im crying rite here. You go suck ur mums dick cos your no one to me I dnt care what u have to say. You call me perfetic but then u resort to my perfetic level. You took everything I say to heart unlike everyone else which shows me ur probably fat and balding and need a job and a girlfriend to help you loose that virginity uve been carrying round for the past 43 years. I hope me and u do cross paths so I can brake ur jaw and ur fingers and ur feer so u cant drive and then we can argue about if what I done was childish or not. Now do me a favour dont spam up my question area.
Hahahahahahahaha !! This is great .You do care because you replied - you're really showing your true colours now. - I'm sure you're entertaining everyone here on YOUR question area - I'll keep going if that annoys you !!

You are sadly wrong with all your assumptions or should that be - you are just sad, pathetic, illiterate, uneducated, peurile - oh and by the way these are not insults they are observations !

By Kamel - have a nice life !!


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speeding with no white lines on the road.

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