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Peugeot 208 App Comms Being A Pain

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Old_Geezer | 20:22 Sun 17th Sep 2023 | Cars
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Looking for info on how to stop the blessed thing replacing the sat nav display with some krap about Android app comms. Never done it before yet we cant get to B off now. Ruins everything, extremely frustrating.

Has no delete buttons, nothing that clearly gets rid of it. Pressing the sat nav physical switch brings it up on the display for a short while only to be replaced by the above garbage once again.

If I switch off all the Android devices in the car then it goes away, but that will be a major pain in the neck. And wasn't ever an issue before. I tried to websearch, thought I'd read something about needing an Android auto app installed first, but I can find no trace of any.

Does anyone know how to make it clear off permanently ? It is of no benefit and stops us using other functions such as the sat nav.

And just to pour salt into an open wound: I went into settings and turned off the screen completely so it wouldn't be a distraction, but if the radio volume is changed the €_"€^"@!! thing lights up again, presumably for a huge laugh.

Truly driving me nuts.



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The screen shows apple car play greyed out, connected apps as bright as anything, and android auto trying to come in. This is ridiculous.

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Suspecting it has something to do with plugging the devices in to be charged on route. Some idiotically "designed" software may "think" that's a good excuse to mess up the display, for a laugh. It'd be standard for the vehicle in my experience so far. I shall have to experiment tomorrow.





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It seems to be something it does if you try to charge your phone in the front right hand USB socket !

Yet another idiotic feature of the vehicle. I found this out by going through the manual one page at a blessed time because, of course, it was far too much trouble for Peugeot to put the relevant page on USB in the index; no, there, there are just multiple references to pages with exactly the same text as each other, just repeated for the sake of it, I guess.

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Peugeot 208 App Comms Being A Pain

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