Audi S5 - Can't Open Boot ?

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ozmeister | 14:38 Sun 26th Nov 2017 | Cars
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Anybody know how to open the boot on a Audi S5, it was working when I first had it but now all I can hear is a whirring sound, wondering if I have pressed a button or inadvertently set something wrong ? Scanned the interweb and several references to Valet mode, can't see any valet mode button in the glove box either - HELP please !!


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hmmm we had a similar problem and some kind of cable was to blame..sorry can't be more specific it was a long time ago and required a stay in garage for repair... perhaps a petrol head like Tony can help further...
can you release it manually ?
Have you tried pressing the central locking button on the driver door 3 times? Each press should unlock the driver door, passenger door and boot in that order.
I would look online for an Audi owners forum, far better chance of expert advice.

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Audi S5 - Can't Open Boot ?

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