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Particle Filter May Be Blocked?

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anthony25 | 17:03 Mon 10th Apr 2017 | Cars
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Hi all my partner has a 60 reg Picasso diesel 77k miles on the clock..problem is engine light is coming on then message on the display saying "particle filter may be blocked" goes really sluggish when this happens?


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Probably doing too many short journeys - needs a good long run to clear it

To keep the P/filter clear a Diesel needs to be driven 'properly' as much as possible, they're not meant for a trip to the shops or a gentle commute.
If its a partially-blocked diesel particulate filter then run the car at 70mph on a motorway or dual carriageway for 20 minutes or so. This should burn off the carbon deposits and clean the filter.
If you don't have easy access to a motorway then run the car at around 50mph in a lower gear so that the tachometer is reading around 3000rpm.
However, if the car is in a "limp mode" this won't be possible.
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I drove the car Blackpool at the weekend 1 hour 30 mins on m6 there and back it's still the same ???
The DPF may need a forced regeneration. Check around your local garages to find one that can do it.

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Particle Filter May Be Blocked?

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