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Private Number Plate

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kat1 | 17:24 Mon 04th May 2015 | Cars
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Hi, I have just purchased a new car which I am picking up in a couple of weeks. The dealer told me send off a V317 which I have downloaded as it can take up to 6 weeks. Not sure which part/s to fill in. I am transferring my plates to my new car. Any help please.


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Section 1:
Put a cross in the 'Transfer' box.

Section 2:
Details of the car which the registration plate is currently on.

Section 3:
Details of your new car.

Sign & date both Sections 2 & 3.

Section 4:
Leave blank (because you're not seeking a retention document).

Section 5:
Leave blank.
I completed this 2 weeks ago, as Buenchicothe the 2 v5 docs, the MOT Of the 2 cars, cheque for £80 made out to the DVLA Swansea.
Wow. 3 weeks to download a V317. You need a new PC, modem or ISP !
Not very smart this morning AOG, to say my reply was at 05.53 u replied at 0.16, you losing your touch?

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Private Number Plate

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