Size of Spanners/Sockets

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davewr | 13:27 Mon 12th Mar 2012 | Cars
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Can anyone tell me the size of the spanners for the bolt-head and nut of the rear shock absorber lower mounting bolt on a Fiesta, 1250cc, 05 reg? I've tried various sizes but can't get a good fit. I think they could be 15mm & 18mm, but I'd like to know before I buy them.


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Try your wheel brace on the Nut Dave.
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I thought that could be a winner but I tried it last night and it's 19mm. I hope to borrow a 15mm & 18mm at the week-end to try them (I want to do the job over Easter), and if they are not right then it must be 5/16 & 3/8 Whitworth. I got rid of all my Whitworth spanners about 30 years ago as I thought I'd never need them again.
Thanks for your suggestion anyway.
Do you have a vernier or micrometer to measure across the flats?
Might be a bodgers last resort way but can you get an adjustable spanner on the nut/bolt
and maybe a molegrips/stillsons
With respect to Malagabob's answer, I would not use either of these tools, you can end up with a bigger job if you rounded the Nut Dave. Sorry Bob.
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They are 15 & 18mm - I borrowed a couple to try. I had used a vernier to measure across the flats but wasn't sure of the exact range, metric, A/F or Whitworth. I'm pretty handy with a hammer & chisel on stuborn nuts but it's difficult to torque them back up that way!
Thanks for your help.

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Size of Spanners/Sockets

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