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A.� It obviously depends on which films and programmes you are a fan of, but generally speaking, it's pretty easy to see for yourself the backdrop to some of the most famous movies ever made. For example, a trip to London's Notting Hill will see the market and even the front door immortalised in the Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts film of 1999. Without too much effort, you can check out the hustle and bustle of the area and see why it is one of the capital's trendiest areas. The British Tourist Authority's website has a full list of UK film locations.

Q.� Where else in the UK can you visit

A.� The list is�almost endless. The 70s favourite Local Hero, starring Peter Capaldi, Burt Lancaster and Jenny Seagrove, was shot in a remote village in the far north east of Scotland. The village of Penan has changed little since then, and even the red telephone box is said to be there.

Historical fans can see the majestic beauty of Scotland's Glencoe used as a backdrop in Rob Roy, starring Liam Neeson. And, the wild rugged landscape of Stirlingshire and the west of Ireland has little changed since Mel Gibson starred and directed in the epic Braveheart.� Still in Scotland, the tiny lochside village of Luss, which sits on Loch Lomond, is used as the setting for the TV soap Take The High Road. Crowds of fans flock to the village to see�the row of small houses and Glendarroch Tea Rooms.

Q.� Where was The Prisoner set

A.� The 1967 classic The Prisoner starring Patrick McGoohan showed him driving a Caterham Seven through Rotherhithe Tunnel in London and went on to put Port Meirion at the edge of the Lleyn peninsula. Fans of the series still make a regular pilgrimage to the beautiful Italianate village in Wales.

Q.� Where is the location of Channel 4's Big Brother

A.� The house itself is now flat-packed and stored away. The house, which was supposedly secret until Jack Dee made the first of his publicised getaways, was on Three Mills Island, behind the Tesco superstore at Bow, London.

Q.� Was Full Metal Jacket filmed on location in Vietnam

A.� Surprisingly enough, Stanley Kubrick transformed Galleons Reach in East London into a Vietnam film set for the classic movie. Nearby, the 1990s hit The Krays, starring Martin and Gary Kemp, was filmed in Caradoc Street, Greenwich.

Q.� What about The Full Monty

A. The redundant Sheffield workers were, not surprisingly, based in Sheffield and tourism bosses in the city say visitors increased after its worldwide box office success. In fact, it's one of the most popular British films of all time, and the rows of terraced houses, the JobCentre, and redundant factory used to shoot most of the scenes are still standing.

Q.� Where can you visit historical film locations

A.� Plymouth's Saltram House was the setting for much of the BBC televised drama Sense and Sensibility, Naworth Hall was the scene of the 1996 adaptation of Jane Eyre; and the 1989 Catherine Cookson drama The Black Candle.

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By Katharine MacColl

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