tonights Hollyoaks? insensitive?

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curlyperm11 | 20:03 Mon 27th Dec 2010 | TV
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just watched Hollyoaks (god knows why) and the storyline struck me as a bit insensitive considering the present tragic news story regarding the murdered 24 year old Jo - for those who dont know - the hollyoaks storyline was a girl who had been murdered and wrapped up in a carpet and dumped and her body has jsut been discovered - i know its only a soap (and not a very good one at that) but bloody hell i think they should have rescheduled that one!!!!!


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Something bad is always happening in the world.
They couldn't have known when they planned the schedules, and Jo would be identified today. I'm afraid that a sensational story line will often touch a raw nerve with someone - I imagine though that watching Hollyoaks will be the last thing on the parents' mind tonight. Not that I don't agree with your sentiment.
rescheduled with what? It would have been filmed weeks/months ago. Whatever a story line a soap goes with, there will always be someone who is upset or offended by it. If they cancelled this episode they would also have to cancel the next couple of weeks worth.
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well they have cancelled certain programmes before - regarding certain 'disasters' or bombs going off - etc etc so i STILL think they should have taken it off just for a couple of days
curlyperm - sadly it's one family directly affected by this. A plane crash or a disaster is on quite a different scale.
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ahh well - just my humble opinion

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tonights Hollyoaks? insensitive?

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