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The axe falls at ITV

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anotheoldgit | 15:02 Wed 04th Mar 2009 | TV
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The schedule will focus instead on proven hits including Britain's Got Talent, The X-Factor, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and I'm a Celebrity.

Well if this is the best on offer then 'get me out of here' I despair.


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I reckon ITV doing this will lose them lots of viewers aog. There's too many reality shows for starters. Corrie's an institution so yes keep that and Emmerdale (thats only because I watch it). I was reading that Philip Scofield earns thousands more than Fern. Maybe some paycuts are due?
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I would also cut out the weather presenters and sports reporters, both these jobs could be done by the news presenter, (who does it now if there is a 'headliner'.

In fact there is no need for two news presenters is there?

Employees in industry have had to learn multi-tasking, all in the name of 'cutting costs', then why not these people?
I must admit to watching ITV rarely (except for Corrie).

Reality shows drive me mad (apart from dancing on ice - because I enjoy the music and the skating).

I agree with China, I reckon they will lose lots of viewers. They lost me quite a while ago.

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The axe falls at ITV

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