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Is theis the real reason John Sergeant quit Strictly?

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Ethel | 14:23 Thu 20th Nov 2008 | TV
12 Answers
Next week he starts a cruise giving after dinner speeches and showing off his dancing - all booked before Strictly started 087773/Cruising-storm--John-Sergeant-freebie-C aribbean-cruise-quitting-Strictly.html

How could he have carried on with Strictly and do this?


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yep i saw that interview maybe he already thought he would have been out before now methinks??
I agree. he obviously didn't expect to be voted in week after week, and that is precisely what this is all about.

not so gallant, after all.
Question Author
I don't normally take the Mail at face value and I do hope this is wrong, otherwise he's taken us all for mugs.
He is going to be in for further stick then.

Is it just me or does anyone else think this whole thing is getting out of proportion in general
Question Author
Oh yes - I agree the whole thing has attracted far too much media attention.

Now the BBC is refunding those who voted for him - they should get that money back from JS for breach of contract if this news story is correct
I would think the last thing he expected was to be in the show for so long, so booked the cruise in good faith. No doubt he would have stayed in the show and cancelled his cruise if things hadn't blown up out of all proportion. I should think the poor man was sick and tired of it all.

Yep, it appears that this is now national news on a great scale!! It's just so pathetic.
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Cancelling the cruise would have cost him a small fortune for breach of contract - it was a job and his speeches advertised to the cruise ship holiday makers
Apparently arrangements had been made to accommodate Seargeant should he have still been in Stricly le/ALeqM5jate3po7ZS2jq4N1XXod_3Yh0-iQ
He probably didn't expect to be in Strictly for so long! I expect everyone has other things lined up!
I think he was pressurised to leave with all the negative comments and he didn't want to end up being a laughing stock Cruise brilliant nice work if you can get it!! Hope the licence fee payers aren't made a laughing stock with all this hype!
Question Author

I'm still not convinced. John Sergeant would not have advanced so far as a political journalist if he couldn't withstand pressure, bullying and ridicule. He is a tough old boot.
whats surpises me is that in the light of all the recent phone scandals and suchlike people havent complained that he quit after they paid to keep him in.

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Is theis the real reason John Sergeant quit Strictly?

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