Pedigree dogs exposed programme last night

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teajunky | 10:38 Wed 20th Aug 2008 | TV
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Did anyone watch this programme last night? I found it to be quite shocking! I have a pedigree dog and I never knew just how far breeders will go to produce the 'perfect' dog...


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yeah, watched it, i have a 10 months boxer. i think that idea to produce and change dogs nature to meet cerntain people's cereteris is sick. animals are same with human, they are all lifes with or without good appearance.
Yes, I watched this too. Although I knew that pedigree dogs had inherited problems, such as hip & joint trouble, I had no idea about that terrible disease cocker spaniels have. The Kennel Club is totally to blame. The 'standards' they set are a scandal. If anybody cares about this suffering, please boycott Crufts. Thanks to the programme makers for bringing this to light!
We have rehomed Bull Terriers and Shar-pei and they both have inherited diseases, which could be avoided. Sadly this bought it home to people as to how pathetic it is and the breeders are only out to make money, as blondie explained having had a Cavalier win at crufts with the brain disease. Lying completely but she has made a fortune on the back of her little dog. Hope something is done soon. I hated to see the cavalier and boxer in soo much pain, very sad.
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Yes, seeing th Boxer having a fit was very upsetting. I'm also glad that this has been brought to light. The breeders seem very snobby and don't even love the dogs like the average British dog owner does. My dog is registered with the Kennel Club and it got me thinking...
what type of pedigree pooch have you?are you aware of any medical problems associated with that breed?
What a shocking programme last night.

Equally shocking are the people who encourage and profit from the treatment and breeding of 'Man's Best Friend'.

There is much local radio discussion and no doubt the newspapers will be following it up - but what will be done?

Probably nothing.

It certainly was disturbing viewing and will have upset many.

Anyone who did not see it can view it online. But be warned - it is shocking! b00d4l8y/
Can't stand the judging at Crufts when the dogs are inspected to make sure they are perfect whilst they have to stand in a certain way. I just wait for the day when one of those awful judges gets bitten whilst he/she pulls the dogs about. Would also love to see a dog take off at 30mph whilst its owner runs around the ring with it.

I can't watch anything like this .I find it too upsetting but I can guess what the content is .
Many years ago my parents had a lovely spaniel .She became very poorly one day ,very suddenly when she was about three .
Broke out in sores all over her body .They tried everything to cure it to no avail .Bearing in mind this is over thirty years the vet at that time said she had been too closely bred IE Dam and son or something like that .So we had to have her put to sleep.
When I see those judges at dog shows pulling the poor dogs about I cringe
.Anyone remember this case
They may have been in reduced circumstances etc but if these so called animal lovers had any sense they would have seen that the animals were either taken to a rescue centre or humanely destroyed .
Give me a Heinz 57 anyday.
I couldn't watch it either. It would have haunted me for years. Can't stand cruelty in any form, and cruelty to animals for money making purposes by so called dog lovers is dreadful.
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Hi celeryman. I have a Staffordshie Bull Terrier pedigree which apparently isn't prone too many illnesses like the dogs shown on the programme. We bought a pedigree thinking they are the best dogs to buy but after watching the programme I do wonder...

I wouldn't change little Rocky for the world though! He's 6 months old and a little scamp!
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How do you add a picture on here?
Try the site:

It's very easy to use.
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Thanks for the tip!

This is my puppy Rocky
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Oh bless, he is just so beautiful. Glad you were able to post the pictures Teajunky.
Staffordshire Bull Terriers are susceptible to two known hereditary diseases - L2HGA and Hereditary Cataract. The parents can be tested before being bred from to avoid passing it on, but very few are tested because most are bred by pet people who don't bother to find out and bought by people who don't care enough to find out. If I was spending good money on a pedigree dog I would make sure I knew all the good and bad things about the breed. Don't tar all pedigree breeders with the same brush, some of us care deeply not only for our own dogs but for our breed, and spend ���s getting them tested and supporting research into inherited diseases. This programme was very one sided and sensationalistic and the people who allowed their fitting Boxer and seriously ill Cavalier to be filmed when they should not even have been alive are callous and uncaring. If people only bought pedigree dogs from breeders who do health tests then there would not be so many problems and if pet people did the tests before breeding from their 'pets' then there would not be so many dogs born with problems. Interesting that the head of the British Veterinary Association was in favour of the work the Kennel Club is doing to fund research into health problems in dogs.
I saw part of it up till the boxer was having a fit and letting out that scream when it was coming round afterwards, it was to much for me. I'm a big strapping guy but i found that scene very upsetting. every person that shows dogs is guilty of cruelty in my view.
I didn't see this program but it sounds awful. Poor dogs. Things like that really upset me. My parents had a staff when I was younger, sadly she died a few years back - but she didn't suffer with any health problems. She just died from old age. Now, I have a terrier cross which I bought from a rescue center. I've had her 8 years and love her to death. When the time comes (and I don't want to think too much about) I shall get another dog from a rescue home again whatever the age or breed. Animals deserve love and respect in this world.
The BBC have announced that they will not be televising Crufts next year. Also main sponsor "Pedigree", The RSPCA and Dogs Trust have already pulled out of the event.

Boycott Crufts! Make a stand, force the Kennel club to take notice and help these poor Dogs!

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Pedigree dogs exposed programme last night

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