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saxy_jag | 23:23 Sat 16th Aug 2008 | TV
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Is it me, or are the judges favouring the younger and prettier groups because they're more commercial? Once again, Revelation has been voted through and an older, less 'pop-py' choir has gone out. Revelation is little more than a soloist with backing singers, not unlike something you'd hear on the radio any day of the week. They certainly don't come across as a choir to me and they offer nothing original.

There have been at least three male choirs over the course of the series that could sing this lot into the ground, all of them voted out.

I can see Revelation winning, because I reckon the judges and/or the producers have already picked the winners.


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Suzy had criticised Bath for having too much solo fronting and to stick to a 'choir' format. Revelation, be they good bad or indifferent are persisting in using the big guy, good voice that he is, to solo with the others backing. They did this again in the sing off and got through. Like you I don't get it.

For me the Fortuna by Ysgol G was fantastic and well worthy of any stage performance.
Bath Male Voice choir are a more traditional choir but I thought their choice of songs weren't great not "stirring" enough, pity to see them go though! I think Only Men Aloud will win, all down to the viewers votes now!
didn't the public do the voting? i thought that was the format?

i think the answer lies in the choice of songs. That one that went out last night had 2 crappy songs, that couldn't compete with stand by me or o fortuna.
I like ACM gospel
I have liked Ysgol Glanaethwy from day one. At least the public get to chose the winner now. Unfortunately though, the public dont always vote for the most talented, but their favourite.

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Last choir standing

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