Anyone following (The Supersizers) BBC2 ?

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skyep | 18:18 Tue 10th Jun 2008 | TV
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I've enjoyed them all! Tonight cuisine from the 70s!


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I've meaning to watch this when the series started but somehow something always came up and I forgot all about it.
I did however catch it last night and enjoyed it thoroughly. I was born in the 70's and it was like going down memory lane. I couldn't believe the amount of spirit that according to that book one person would drink in an evening at a dinner party - Shocking!!
Wasn't it interesting though how his xrays turned up in the end to be the complete opposite to what was expected
I saw the amazing were those desserts?! but such a disgraceful amount of food & most of it must have been wasted.
And yep, I watched the 70s last night...hahaha, Sue P in that wig! The terrible thing is we ate most of those foods & actually enjoyed them (& some I still do, I love prawn cocktail, trifle & b.f. gateau) - but I didn't notice the height of sophistication (!?) that was Vesta beef curry! :o) was it mentioned?

it's true though, despite all of that fatty food, far fewer people were overweight...must have been all that running for the bus. Or in my case, running around after a couple of babies!

My only experience of 'foreign' food during childhood was Vesta Chow Mein, when I used to pinch my dad's crispy noodles.

i only saw last weeks and last nights.

what about that breakfast in a loaf? omg harveys bristol cream in the mushrooms! bleugh

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Only just watched it! Nostalgia trip! Some of that food you can still get now!
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I've really enjoyed this series - but I wish thingy Corran (sorry I can't remember his name) didn't have such abysmal table manners. When he stuffs food into his mouth he then shares the sound of his chewing with the world, Yuk!
Well I was very much around in the 70's and didn't eat many of those things at all, although they were around. In fact, I ate better in the 70's than I do know and could afford to, even though we were young and struggling with very little money.

I wouldn't have dreamed of buying shop bought pies back then - everything I ate was completely home cooked. Now I buy cakes and pies!!

As for Smash instant potatoe, yuk!!!

Personally, I most people eat far more junk food nowadays.
'than I do now'
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Robinia, I too have always liked prawn cocktails! Never have liked trifle though. I hate custard!!!!
Robinia, I always thought Vesta curries tasted of soap (not that I have ever really eaten soap!)

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Anyone following (The Supersizers) BBC2 ?

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