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Hollyoaks omnibus on Sun.a.m /music in it

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eah | 13:06 Sun 10th Feb 2008 | TV
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Have just been watching Hollyoaks Omnibus on CH 4+1
and a piece of music came on that I`ve been trying to track down.

It is of a singer whistling then singing "Talking about me and you...."

I really like it and presume it is in the charts currently as they tend to use current tracks.
Can anyone help me please?
Thank you in advance


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I know the one your talking about..its a bangin' toon...hope this link works....

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Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks
ps its Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks
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Thanks ever so much.In the meantime I went on the Hollyoaks website and found that they list all the tracks for each week there.Then I listened to each of them on I tunes and it wasn`t any of those so I don`t know why the one you have listed wasn`t on it either...Will listen to it later!
Question Author
baremission you`re brilliant !

Wanted track for ages....!

Wonder why it wasn`t listed on their website for this week`s music then....?

There`s a long instrumental version called "whistling drive "and there`s the one you said featuring Victoria Bergsman,
No problem =D

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Hollyoaks omnibus on Sun.a.m /music in it

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