Emmerdale - this week's tragedy

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Maggoty | 17:09 Wed 26th Sep 2007 | TV
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Apparently Carl tells Makepiece (whoops Grace) that he killed Billy Walker (Whoops Tom Thumb, whoops Tom King) which leads to a tragedy

Anyone know what that is?


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I don't know any details, but Wikipedia says the following...

"It is revealed that Grace finds out it was Carl who killed his father after he confesses that he murdered Tom. Grace is faced with a choice: give up her feelings for Carl or give up her career. But Carl already has someone next on his hit list... There are rumours that in the explosive storylines of the Autumn, that their secret relationship could come to an explosive climax...."

It also says that the actress who plays Grace's last episode airs at the end of September. Maybe he kills her off too then?
Actually my guess would be that she may commit suicide....can't imagine there being another murder case quite yet.
actually he never killed the postman he fell of scaffolding while carl and himself were larking about after drinking,carl moved the body but did not kill him,
Grace was hit by a van as she was goinginto the polic station.
That was ludicrous that hit and run in last night's episode. Right outside the cop-shop and the van calmly drives off leaving Barraclough dead on the pavement, half a dozen policemen and women standing around looking surprised and Carl bleating and running about like a headless chicken! And the van didn't look as if it hit her by accident, either, it didn't slow down, try to swerve, anything; just bonk! and straight on as if nothing had happened!!!

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Emmerdale - this week's tragedy

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