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Ian1 | 17:04 Thu 07th Jun 2007 | TV
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What's happened to Eggheads this week?

According to the TV guide it should have been on at 4.45 all this week. Instead some cookery programme is on.

It's bad enough not being on at 6 o'clock but not to be on at all....


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they are only repeats, though.
i thought they were repeats cos CJ'S hair is long making him look more of a kn*b than usual (if thats possible lol)
i dont think it is possible curly.
Probably taken off because the money had got as high as �40,000 it will be interesting to see if it goes back to �1,000 when it comes back,cheapskates! CJ's hairband was very girlie he reminds me of those weird characters that sometimes appear on star trek.

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