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Who is voting Jade out tomorrow night?

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Delgirl | 23:08 Thu 18th Jan 2007 | TV
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A plea to everyone, please vote Jade out tomorrow night, she is a school room bully and I hope she gets everything she deserves and is dropped by everyone. Let me know your views?!


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The more shes in there the worse our country looks. Get the ignoramus out of there
Question Author
Spot on mountainboo, its great to see all of the feedback on here reference Jade and the two other witches! I can't even bear to watch the program anymore, when I see the way they are treating Shilpa! They need to put an intelligent, powerful, beautiful, classy, English women in the house quickly to show the whole of the English race is not white trash!
Can I get an egg loan and use it to pay for 30,000 votes for Jade to be evicted...... if I could... I would!

Bring on the vote's baby!!!
Question Author
What a cracking idea!
she's just horrible to watch, kick her out.
Her funny way of talking is just irritates me, she doesn't sound like she's from london, I rather listen to Shilpa's Indian accent.
Question Author
I could not agree with you more Jean88, Shilpa is beautiful, classy and articulate. Its ironic that English is probably her 4th or 5th language as opposed to Jade's first and she can't even say influenced!!

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Who is voting Jade out tomorrow night?

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