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is this the worst programme on tv???

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bednobs | 21:21 Mon 20th Nov 2006 | TV
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im of course talking about cirque de celebritee - worraloadacrap! (and this is coming from someone who looove big brother, im a celebrity etc etc!)

can you actually think of a worse programme?


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celebrity wrestling came close didnt it!!!!
Ha ha, Phina and Scotty were doing their own version of celebrity wrestling last night.....felt like giving Scotty boy a smack in the mouth myself!!
Coronation Street
Have you watched 'EastEnders' recently?
What about Emmerdale - I know it's the pantomine season, but it's getting more ridiculous each episode. And before anyone says - yes I know there's an off button ;).
i watched emmerdale tonight!!

is it me or is kelly windsor a fukcing dog!!!
It is'nt you, she's a fukcing dog!!!

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is this the worst programme on tv???

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