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Lowering the Age of Criminal Responsibility

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patc7641 | 00:13 Sat 23rd Sep 2006 | TV
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This is posted as an aside to the programme on smacking children. I say that if parents are not prepared to smack/ discipline thier children, a significant number of whom are running amok in communities - dont believe me? read the papers/ tv, every day., we should now look at lowering the of criminal responsibility from 16 to 12. Children of 12 are clearly as aware of right and wrong compared to , say 16 year olds from 15/20 years ago. This would solve 2 problems.
1 It would force parents to instill discipline in their children, or lose them.
2 It would take criminals, cos that is wah they are when they terrorise, mug, steal, stab and murder, off the streets.

And dont say that there arent enough jails, sorry, build them.


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Lowering the Age of Criminal Responsibility

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