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Have A Samsung Dvd Player But It Only Plays Copied Dvd Not Original Dvd So Weird Why

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country_pumpkin | 20:42 Wed 10th Jul 2013 | TV
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Hi I have a Samsung dvd player works with hdmi its like a surround sound thing with 3 speakers model number isHT-Q100N the problem I have is will play a copied dvd no problem yet a original dvd it wont seem to play. I have tried several and I can get on some like 5 seconds and then the screen just goes blank..any ideas why it does this and will play a copied dvd but not a original purchased from shop dvd , seems so so weird to me.any help be much apreciated
PLEASE NOTE the dvd player will play a copied dvd wich has been copied from pc but it wont play any original dvd. I just cant understand why


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Depending on where you bought it (especially if second hand) it may be from a different region to the one you are in. Sometimes it is possible to hack the player to play your region (or all regions) though Samsung is one of the brands that this is very hard to do to. Assuming you're in the UK, I'd lean towards this as the model is listed on the US but not the UK Samsung site.

Also (if not new) the laser could be on the way out or out of alignment. You could try a cheapo "lens cleaner" disc, but this could do more harm than good.

There is a firmware update on the Samsung site that MIGHT help, but without downloading it and seeing if it includes info on what it does this might not help at all, and you may already be on that firmware.
Scratch the "leaning towards" reasons - it's the HT-Q100T listed at Sammie US and UK. Still as possible reason, though.

I'd NOW lean towards the laser problem!

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Have A Samsung Dvd Player But It Only Plays Copied Dvd Not Original Dvd So Weird Why

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