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Last Tango In Halifax

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Dee Sa | 14:39 Fri 21st Dec 2012 | TV
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at the end of the last episode it said it was dedicated to Alec Walker 1929 -2009, who was Alec Walker ?


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Here you go Dee Sa

Dedicated to Alec Walker 1929-2009". Alec was the man who Sally Wainwright's mum married, inspiring the series.
It was actually Alec Walker.
Sally Wainwright's (author) mother's husband.
Where the idea of Last Tango came from?

It says on the website;
It’s my mum’s story; this happened to my mum. My dad (Harry Wainwright) died in 2001, and my mum (Dorothy) came to live with us in Oxfordshire, in our granny flat. My sister helped her put her details on Friends Reunited, and she discovered just two people there from her year at school (in Elland, West Yorkshire). One of them was Alec Walker. He was also widowed, and living with his daughter in Northamptonshire. They started writing to one another, and then he asked if she’d like to meet up. They fell in love with one another, and got married within six months.
A search in Google for Alec Walker would have answered this question straight away as the first result in Google is about this TV program.
That's you told Dee Sa...........fancy asking a question on a Question and Answer site.
lol at craft 1948 always someone with an answer like that i really dont know why they come on this site
Question Author
its a bit late but thanks craft & tez for sticking up for me xxdeexx
He was the real life Alan. (not the man who played Alan but the real Alan whom the story was about)
The story (first in a book) was inspired by the author's mother who found love again in old age. She was reunited with a childhood friend, Alec Walker, who she had met at 4 and last seen at 16. They married within 6 months of reconnecting. (Search for Alec Walker 2009 to find a BBC interview with the author.)

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Last Tango In Halifax

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