Eastenders - Ava ........ possible spoiler alert!

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echokilo | 11:27 Tue 13th Nov 2012 | TV
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Does anyone else think Sharon Rickman will turn out to be Cora's adopted out daughter Ava?? I am sure the ages must be similar and it's too much of a coincidence that Sharon is back as the Cora story builds ................? what do you think?


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No it isn't Sharon....
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Thank you Robinia ... I have just googled Sharon's DOB too and as it's 1969 she is not old enough anyway as Cora said Ava was 47 or 48 .... interesting times!
She doesnt look that old in the photos. Did Cora know Patrick back then - and could he be the father?
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Oooooo interesting!!!
Anything is possible, but its probably the most unlikely scenario that they will choose. By the way thought we were going to know who Kat's lover was by now?
Agree the whole thing looks odd - they have shown the woman playing AVA and she only looks mid 30's!
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Yes she does look younger than Cora alluded to .... and yes, the Kat thing is pathetic ...... she would have been caught out by now as everyone knows everyone in that place!!
I have been watching ee for long enough to remember when Sharon found her birth mother!
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Did she Puzzled?? When? Who?
Carol Hanley

Carol Hanley
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Sheila White
Duration 1990
First appearance 28 June 1990
Last appearance 1 November 1990
Classification Former; recurring
Carol Ann Hanley (née Stretton), played by Sheila White, is the biological mother of Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), who appears in 1990 having been tracked down by Sharon. Sharon's best friend Michelle Fowler (Susan Tully) visits Carol, who is heavily pregnant with her second son; fathered by her husband Ron. Michelle speaks to them about contacting Sharon after years of absence. Sharon later visits Carol after her baby is born. Carol and Sharon get on well, but Carol is anxious about introducing Sharon to her two half-brothers; Chris and Jonathan. After Carol's confession that she only thinks of her as a good friend, Sharon realises there will never be a parental bond between them and stops seeing her.
She's young looking but apparently (in real life) her children are 29, 24 and 21 so hopefully she's older than mid 30s! I think Cora said Ava was 48.

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Thanks both x

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Eastenders - Ava ........ possible spoiler alert!

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