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Velvetee | 02:35 Wed 19th Oct 2011 | TV
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I've probably watched 5 of 6 episodes of the Body farm on BBC1 and I've been wondering about the character called Oggie, who is some kind of Computer Geek.

Firstly, why does he talk to the Corpses and why does he appear to keep Corpses sitting or lying around the Farm? Do his colleagues know they are there?

This evening's final episode showed him in the woodland around the farm talking to a corpse propped up against a tree, whilst another laid nearby. It seems really weird that he would be allowed to do such things. Does anyone have an insight into the Character's Psychology?



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I don't know about Oggie's psychology, but the point of the body farm is that people donate their bodies upon death to forensic research, just as some people do to medical research. These bodies are left in various states of burial or completely exposed to the elements so that the scientists can moniter what happens to them over periods of time so that when a body is found in suspicious surcumstances they can help the police to determine how long it has been and where it has been, etc. There are no real body farms in the UK, but I believe there is one in Virginia, USA.
"circumstances", sorry
I think Oggy is on the autistic scale some where

The title of the show should give away why he has bodies lying around =)
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Thanks, I hadn't realised people donated their bodies for research. When I Googled to find out what a Body Farm was, it just said it was a Forensic investagative facility. I know such "Farms" exist in the U.S, but do they have them in reality here?
I talk to myself all the time, I don't think that would be any different. I read somewhere that one likes to hear the sound of human voices so maybe it is that which makes us voice our thoughts out loud, either to no-one or to anyone who will listen. You don't have to get an answer, and actually it might be quite frightening if you did! (joke)

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