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Old Salt | 20:59 Tue 20th Sep 2011 | TV
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Ever since the digital swap started last year, I have noticed that I seem to have trouble received some channels. It seems to vary after each return. Sometimes I have to retune three or four times before all the channels are tuned.

And when I use the epg (electronic program guide) it often has the programmes incorrect for the station listed.

I got a cheap booster amp, and that helped a bit. I have a new aerial and the tv guy has checked the signal strength; he says the signal is adequate.

I have noticed quite a few ads for tv signal boosters and the local Tesco has quite a display of them.

Has anyone else had any problems with the new digital signal?

Old Salt


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Can I suggest you do a factory reset if you haven't tried already - it may be a quirk of your machine.

Where I am (near Northampton) we had to do a retune last week even though the transmitter we used went totally digital some months back. I did, but I later noticed that some channels disappeared after retuning, so had to do it again.

I think I have to do it in a week or so as well....
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Thanks for the response postdog

Yep, I did that with the tv and the dvd recorder. I'm on the Sandy Heath transmitter, near Cambridge. I'm a retired Computer Field Service Engineer, and in the early days of 300 baud modems which were being increased in speed, we had masses of trouble calls, but when we got to site it was NFF (no fault found)

Signal strength and reception can change in the blink of an eye, last for a second or up to all day. Then it can run troublefree for days or weeks.

>>>"he says the signal is adequate"<<<

. . . and I say that he's talking utter b0ll0x!

The majority of aerial fitters have no training or qualifications whatsoever. They fail to take into account variables such as the differing 'sensitivities' of Freeview boxes and TV sets. (i.e. some models are far better at handling weak signals than others). They also frequently fail to replace the cabling when installing a new aerial. (Older cabling is much more 'lossy' than modern cabling). And they probably haven't got a clue as how to interpret the results of a signal strength test (which usually only measures 'raw' signal strength and fails to check on 'noise' levels in the signal).

You've described classic 'low signal strength' problems. Get a decent aerial fitter (with the 'CAI Plus' logo) to sort the problem out (or hassle the original one to do the job which you've already paid him for!).

Same transmitter BTW - I'm not far from from you but on the northants/bedford border
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That thought has been on my mind Buenchico,

But I have know the guy for years and years, and this is the first time he 'may' have let me down.

I think I must wait until after next months retune, but I don't expect things to improve. Then I must confront him, or pay someone else to come in (and I'm sure my guy will find out about the visit) see if he can sort out the problem.

Either way, I think it will probably spoil our relationship.

Thanks for the response and sound advice


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