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Velvetee | 13:15 Sun 22nd Mar 2009 | Reality TV
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Has anyone been watching Natalie Cassidy's Real Britain?

I watched Thursday's episode, which spoke to two people about how sex and relationships feature in their lives. One of the people was a young man called Otto, who has Downs Syndrome. He was a lively guy, who enjoyed clubbing and drinking with his friends, all of whom had no learning disabilities and at 21, he wanted to find a girlfriend, primarily for sex it seemed.

Whilst I understood his need for a proper adult relationship, there was something disturbing about it all. His mother seemed to be in denial of his condition and felt he could have a relationship with a woman without learning difficulties.

I also felt Otto's prime objective was not to get to know a woman, but he just wanted sex. It appeared he also had an obsession with pornography and his mother hadn't really explained the entire point of a relationship.

Did anyone else think both Otto and his mother's expectations were unrealistic?


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I didn't see the programme but I think this is quite common behaviour for people with Downs Syndrome. They have the same (or stronger) wants and needs in this area as other people
I had a beautiful cousin downsyndrome - she died at 37 about 4 years ago. Lovely Lovely but she used to say she would like to be married.

Anyway on another note I had two neighbours who were both special needs - wife gave birth to two sons and they were very special needs. So I dont think that is right. But that is my opinion.

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Natalie Cassidy's Real Britain

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