Rachel's audition tape

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happy_face | 11:44 Mon 28th Jul 2008 | Reality TV
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Going back to the conversation in the house about Rachel being different in the house to her autidion. I have just watched her audition tape back again and it's like 2 different girls!!
I don't have anything at all against Rachel in the house and think she's a lovely girl, but it is weird how she's so different from the tape.
Unless of course she put it all on for the audition in order to be picked - it's just that her tape looks genuine.
Have a look ory.jsp?id=1355&housemateId=258&position=8


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but come on arent they all different on the tap. They are trying to get on the show. I'm sure if they all saw Dales and how he was going to pull every girl in there they'd be suprised.
Maysoon said how she likes living on the edge. Edge of what? The ashtray??
Rachel looks exactly the same (but prettier) on the tape.. and with excitement, having only a minute to say what you want and she didn't say anything interesting at all which is Rachel all over. I don't know why you think she's so different. She even talks with her hands as she does in the house. Am I missing something?
There is nothing wrong with the girl, the only person to stand up for Rebecca it has to be said when Chip gate was on. Nobody else stood up for her but then Bex conveniently forgot that. She talks when she needs to talk and says what she wants to say. She takes all the sh** from other people without winding herself up over it, I wish I could! Give me her any day than the blokes at the moment. What a waste most of them are. They bitch more than women!
I honestly believe that there isnt ONE person that has entered that house that has been themselves on thier audition tape.

PEOPLE ARE SOOO DUMB!! You're supposed to sell yourselves, you're not gonna go in and talk about the weather when there are hundreds of thousands fighting for the same position!!

rex is such a d!ck!
As mentioned above audition tapes are just that surely you would say whatever you thought would get you into the house. Even Dales which was really dodgy may not have been true. and Rachels wasnt that different. Rex has picked up and exaggerated any differences to stir up the house. He is also very clever at tuning in on other housemates insecurities and poking them. I find this so cruel and such covert bulling that entertaining as it may be I really want him to go. No matter how stupid the other house mates are they do not deserve to be mentally tortured or undermined. Although of course you could argue that this is the game and they put themselves in for it. Strangly enough the contestents who are able to cope most and come accross as mentally strong are Lisa, Mikey, and Rachel not necessairly my favs but coping well non the less.
GET REX OUT He dosnt need the money anyhow!

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Rachel's audition tape

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