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happy_face | 16:06 Fri 30th May 2008 | Reality TV
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I wonder if it would be at all possible for people to keep opinions to themselves. When I grew up I was always told that if you can't say anything nice then you shouldn't say anything at all.

What I'm referring to is when people ask a question, then you often get someone who has to have a dig. This link is just an example: ality-TV/Question569622.html
The person asking the question is only asking when it starts, he/she doesn't need to be told it's an annoying programme

We're all different people with different views/favourites etc. - Which is just as well, wouldn't it be a boring world if we were all the same.
So some people like Reality TV, some only like News or Drama but is it really so hard to accept?
Why think less of someone who doesn't like the same as you?
Just because someone likes BB it doesn't mean to say they're simple nor does it mean that someone who likes Top Gear is covered in engine oil.

So please AB'ers let's rise above the bickering and leave people with their preferences.


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I take your point, but the reason for this site is for an exchange of views and opinions, as well as information. I don't think it is in the interests of the site to restrict everyone to only saying nice things, or not venturing an opinion unless specifically asked.

The BB Questioner can take the information supplied as asked for - and ignore the comments, or answer them as he / she sees fit, but it's fair enough if people pass an observation.
I agree with Andy, its an exchange of views and there are plenty, you just have to ignore the bad ones but I dont think your example there was all that bad really.

If it was restricted to yes/no replies there would be no conversation or communication.
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I don't want to offend anyone,but I think Channel 4's BB has got to be the most tiresome show ever.I really think the viewing ratings are going to be really low this year.
It's obviously going to be the same tired old format.
I don't understand why Channel 4 is bringing it back.
I for one will definitely NOT be watching it at all.It's utterly rubbish!!
If anyone suffers from insomnia,then watch this.You will have a great chance to fall asleep!!!
Nice to see you've not left your soapbox at home then!!

I agree with andy-hughes again. I personally can't stand Big Brother, but would not wish an exchange of views to stop being aired on AB. That's part of what it's here for!
I understand happy-face's point, I recently responded to a post where gravitate had given a digusting racist ignorant answer to a question, I really should not have lowered myself to respond to it, but wanted to offer a bit of support to the poster regardless of whether I agreed with the poster's views or not. There is absolutely no harm in disagreeing with others point of view and definately we all need to express our own opinions, but it should be done in a respectful way and not in a way that demeans or bullys other people. By the way I am a fan of BB to a point! I hate and love the fame hungry wanabees and like to be entertained by them while they are in the house. Once they are out, they can disappear up themselves as quickly as possible!
Cheers Sue
Expressing an opinion is a healthy release. Personally, I cannot abide mindless tripe like this. I actually came on here this morning thinking "great, Britains got talent and Nancy are over!" till I remembered this was starting this week.

That said, My choice is not to watch it, not to talk about it, and generally not to belittle anyone who is the opposite. As such I usually avoid this area on answerbank (saw it in the recently answered bit) and in that sense will live and let live.

If on the other hand too many posts start appearing in the general TV section, then I may express an opinion just to vent my anger, not because they like BB but because they are not using the proper section and are therefore inflicting it on us who don't want to know.

ahh but if all that tripe was not on TV you would have nothing to moan abouit...
I'd have plenty to moan about if I wanted. TV isn't my life, which, incidentally is why I can't understand the appeal of big brother - don't people have their own life to live?
Question Author
By all means I don't mean for the site to be regulated nor should be people restricted from having an opinion. Perhaps I explained myself incorrectly. What I'm referring to is when someone asks a question and then you get people who just have to get their two pennies worth but it's not relating at all to the question in mind.
For example it would be like if I went to the Parenting Menu and put in answer to someone asking about booster seats. Say if I went "I hate children, don't know why you'd want them"
Or going to the pet section and saying "can't stand puppies and kittens. They bore me, they're ugly and so needy"

Yes I'm entitled to my opinion but it's not nice and there's really no point to it other than making me feel better.

With the immenent BB starting I was just trying to save a few arguments as we all know there are lots of fans and haters of the programme.

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