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my big fat gypsy wedding ch4

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looobylooo | 22:05 Sun 03rd Oct 2010 | Film, Media & TV
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just starting now on ch4,

documentary on gypsy and travellers weddings and their traditions.

its worth a watch,
its been on before, and is very 'interesting' i must say,
some of the wedding frocks they go for .. well... lets just say they certainly like to dress up! lol

one dress is that wide the bride can hardly fit down the aisle!
and another dress weighed 20 odd stone, believe it or not! ;o/


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cracked me up the first time, was more in shock at the cost of the dresses and how much money they have!
well when you don't have to pay tax and NI on your income it does give you more spending power
what income though, do they work? even people just on dole wouldnt afford these dresses
They have their fingers in many pies...
yes it's more than pegs and lucky heather these days
Agreed looby - its well worth a watch. I was tempted...but i got work to do instead,
Big dress, Big Carriage and virgin bride - not unlike the home life of our own dear queen then
i watched it some of the dressess looked so heavy !!!! the girls imo were to young to get married
at least it goes to prove that none of them have any taste, the dresses are hideous., and affordable when you dont pay any taxes etc or rent whatsover and you earn your living by dubious means, ever known any of them have a "proper job " ?
Yes....I have.

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my big fat gypsy wedding ch4

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