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Ashes to Ahes

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Garmard | 12:13 Wed 10th Mar 2010 | Film, Media & TV
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Cannot wait for this series to begin again,; at last we find out what is going on and who Gene Hunt really is?
I still believe that it is all a dream(like Dallas-or should i say Dullus) and that Gene Hunt is really Peter Kay in disguise?


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Couple of weeks time redhelen.
I love this programme and it looks as if we are to see more outrageous 80's outfits and cutting one liners.The writer has promised a compelling edge-of-you-seat ride to the finale. So it looks like it's handkerchiefs at the ready. Glad to see Ray finally gets promotion to DI and newcomer Daniel Mays is a challenge for Gene. Sadly this is going to be The End.
The BBC Press Office put the press pack for series three of Ashes To Ashes online today. Find out more via this link:

Happy reading!

No confirmed date for the start yet but as was said earlier it should be back on our screens soon - I reckon the week beginning 29th March.
I do hope that Alex Drake keeps her bra straps covered up this time. I was in my 20's in the 80's and no woman went out with her bra straps showing, nor would we have worn a coloured bra with a white blouse.
This just in . . . It starts airing on Friday 2nd April at 9pm on BBC One:
You'll know when it starts.............a 4-page spread in the radio times; the red-top newspapers will start treating it as 'news' and Philip Glenister will be popping up on all manner of shows...........

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Ashes to Ahes

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