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Brian Sewell on Alan Titchmarch Show

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Caribeing | 00:08 Wed 09th Dec 2009 | Film, Media & TV
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Brian Sewell the art critic etc on Alan Titichmarch show today was very outspoken about Victoria Beckham, he called her a common *** and said she stole the limelight from David. He said David was great at what he did but she was common etc. I think the audience were taken aback at his forthrightness but he did speak his mind! Did you see the show what do you think!


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I didn't see the show. Do you think he might be jealous of Victoria?
I didn't see the show but I have often been appalled and applauding of Brian and his forthrightness. He seems such a pompous twit but he does come out with a lot of common sense at times, and at least he knows his own mind.
He was absolutely hilarious on Have I Got News For You. He was crying with laughter at Paul Merton.
I saw the show and was shocked and disgusted at his rudeness, although I am not a fan of Victoria I do not know her personally and cannot judge her,
Victoria Beckham,the human cocktail stick!
Though if she were food nobody would want to eat her.
i couldn't give a tarts hooters about the beckhams, but i think brian shoud just stick to his job as an art critic.
I didn't see it, but from what you've said, I like Mr Sewell.
I don't think that you need to know someone personally to have the right to "judge" them.

I happen to think it was hilarious that GMTV described VB as a "fashion designer" this morning!

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Brian Sewell on Alan Titchmarch Show

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