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Climax of film, title needed

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JAW67 | 11:36 Thu 11th Nov 2004 | Film, Media & TV
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This film was probably made in the 1980s.  The only part of it I remember is towards the end.  Male and female leads are clambering around a building with scaffolding to get to the broadcast control room to take over and uncover the person who is broadcasting as a sham.  It's so vague, I doubt whether anyone will know it!  Thanks in advance though.


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sounds like Pump Up The Volume... correct me if i'm wrong though!
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Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think that's it.  I'm thinking that it may be something like Foul Play or even an episode of Moonlighting.  It probably isn't either of those, but they are the sort of characters I am thinking of.

Do you mean Broadcast News - it was a comedy film from 1987 starring Holly Hunter and William Hurt - it did end with male and female lead chasing each other to get to the Broadcast but pump up the volume was from 1990 and starred christian slater and samantha mathis - theyn were eventually chased around by the FCC with them playing the pirate radio show from his car

check the link to see if it sounds the same

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Climax of film, title needed

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