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DEN53 | 00:57 Fri 10th Apr 2009 | Film, Media & TV
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I know I will get a shot down in flames for this - but I watched the final chapter of Jade on the living channel tonight and thought it was very sad. As are the despicable comments that are made on AB about her.


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If watching somebody dying entertains you, fine. You are entitled to your opinion the same as everybody else.
I prefer a comedy.
Morning DEN, me too, I will never understand their logic, I would feel horrible castigating this girl the way some have done, it makes no difference wether you liked or disliked her, she knew this and likened herself to Marmite, she's gone, she's left two little boys without a Mum, anyone who hasn't some compassion for as hard as stone.
As one of the people probably referred to here, and as one of them who actually encountered her true nature rather than just formed an opinion, it is not Jades death which is the main issue - it is the media coverage given and the fact that some people have short memories.
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Afternoon Joy,

I know perhaps Jade was'nt everybodies cup of tea, but some of the bad comments are just not called for.

I agree the media hype was over the top and in your face, but the PR company had a lot to do with that.

At the end of the day, she was still a 27 year old young mum who lost her fight with cancer, whether she was rich, poor, lived in a mansion or on a council estate, the end result is the same.

Happy Easter Joy.

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Hi Barry

No watching somebody die isn't my type of entertainment either - but her story on the Living channel was about her living her life - in fact only a small part of the programme filmed her funeral at the end.

As you say, everybody is entitled to their opinion - good or bad.

Happy Easter
Happy Easter to you too DEN, I'm afraid I am still shocked at the viciousness of some people on here, a few seem very heartless, I'm glad I don't have to aquaint myself with them,,,,lol
JADE-Living Channel. Bit of an oxymoron!!
I agree it's sad that anyone watches that shhhhiiiiite

I haven't made any comment on the woman herself (ok I may have and don't remember) but I'll just say now - Parky is spot on. s_and_entertainment/tv_and_radio/article604865 6.ece

It is true that a 27 young mother of 2 small children dying of a dispicable illness is extremely sad.

It is also true that she was a racist and a bully, and not much mention of that in all her tributes.

I hope she rests in peace, however, and that this is taken of the tv as frankly I am bored with seeing it.

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