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Eastenders - Laurens Trial

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Octavius | 21:02 Tue 07th Apr 2009 | Film, Media & TV
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I am not feeling it.

Are we meant to empathise with the 'poor' Brannings? Does anyone give two gnats nadgers about Laurens future? Should she rot in a prison cell?


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i agree, how stupid did they make themselves sound.......oh. yeah well, could do better i say
I think the story lines go on for far too long - everything is doom and gloom - I think these soaps should lighten up a bit.

Do people still watch this drivel?
Question Author
Sadly my wife does, and that meant I was so bored I asked this crappy question. I think you would agree it is rather out of character for me, I guess my brain must have given up during the episode.
I watched this last night and when my mum asked me what had happened I couldn't even remember. lol

It was seriously snoreville. ZZzzzzz
I must admit until I saw this I couldn't remember what boring
I just wish she'd done the job properly & finished him off. Little squirt.
(Squirt !!!! - I haven't used that word since primary school).
c'mon you peeps, it;s a real life reflection I would say, I mean, it's got to be an everyday occurence as when Peggeee summoned Phat Phil and told him what he should do to Archie "I want him killed" poor Larry Lamb(Archies real name) you could say it was a case of Lambs to the Slaughter!!!!
I mean to say, this must happen on a daily basis up and down the land, does it not?
will phil kill with one of pegs kegs .See another micthell actress is returning .The only thing that should return is some semblence of reality.
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Question Author
Will Phil knobble Archie underneath the arches?

Or will he be unimaginative and just run him daaaan with is motah in Albert Square?
I hope they bring back the character of Susie - she was hilarious. I don't think she was meant to be - but she was so over-the-top and bizarre it was funny.
The whole Max and tanya thing has been done to death and beyond...

It serriously gets more like jackanory every day
Perhaps they will kill off Archie - then he can go back to playing the lovely Dad in Gavin & Stacey.

I don't make a point of watching any soaps anymore - Neighbours was my favourite, but now it has so many kids in it and stupid storylines - I have turned that off aswell.

Question Author
What is the world coming to when your last bastion of hope is Neighbours and even then, that light at the end of the tunnel reveals itself to be an oncoming train.

Indeed it is a cruel world. Is Bouncer still married?
No not bothered about this storyline. I agree with DEN53 they do drag these storylines out too much and they need some happy endings.

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Eastenders - Laurens Trial

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