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Cats in road safety adverts

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Mike R | 18:40 Tue 27th Jul 2004 | Film, Media & TV
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what was charlies cat name in the road safety adverts for children


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The cat's name was Charley. See:
If i remember correctly, after the moggy had miaowed his wise thoughts, the kid always started the translation with the words "Charlie Says....". Doesn't this make the mangy cats name Charlie ?
yup his name was charley as the cat goes miawwwwoooeororoeoeoror and the kid goes charley says.....!!!!
Which begs the question, what was the boys name????
If the boy was so super intelligent that he could understand what the cat was saying, why the hell didnt he have more common sense than to clear off with strangers???

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Cats in road safety adverts

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