Unknown christmas film title??

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nickmac_21 | 16:29 Mon 03rd Dec 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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Hi anyone. Need help ive been told to look for a chrismas film which is about a mum and her children who are thrown out of their home and end up living in a big department store and end up foiling a robery. I have been told it is a christmas film. Any ideas????
Thanks guys


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The greatest store in the world (1999) - See amazon etc
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No, its called Curly Sue, it is a christmas film in that its set in New York (I think) at Christmas time.
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Still think it's this one - The Greatest Store in the World "quote" A mother and her 2 daughters go homeless over Christmas when their caravan blows up. Their mom doesn't want them to go homeless over Christmas so she decides to move into Scottleys department store until she can find a home. They have great fun and adventures in Scottleys. S club 7 even come into the store. On Christmas morning daughter Livvy wakes after earing a noise. She wanders off to find out what's going on, sees the store's Santa and Elf stealing jewels from the safe. Livvy steals the jewels back but then Angeline wakes and Santa and Elf kidnap her....
Yes, it was a great film. Dervla Kerwan played the mum.
Yep looks like this is it::
Hope nobody bought it.

The Daily Mail are giving it away free on Monday! /prmts/prmts.html?in_article_id=500328&in_page _id=1777

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Unknown christmas film title??

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