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Ok so 007 is on again and that means one thing!

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what..the? | 03:13 Tue 11th Sep 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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Men - think they have to look like Bond but fail at all points so go out and get ****** and get a kebab on the way home and get it all down their shirt they were hoping to wear for work the next morning.

Women - think they have to look as thin and sexy as the bond girls, to be mysterious and always look good while wearing nothing but a pearl necklace. They also have to hide a gun under the pillow just incase things turn nasty.

Both men and women - think they have to not only look sexy at the drop of a hat but also drop their pants in a very sexy way and have passionate sex in any location including in a submarine, in space and on a rescue dingy in the choppy sea. And should understand that at anytime during this sextastic sex where both partners pleasure each other equally, a persom called Q will be able to voom in on them having it off, by satelite anywhere in the world, and show it on a huge screen in front of loads of government workers who don't get any!


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go to bed
Question Author
Ok so I can see that came across a little more rude and explict but it wasn't supposed to.. By the way I did not realise the pearl necklace reference might be read diiferent from what I had planned whoops. I should have put diamond necklace and then it wouldn't have sounded so bad. Sorry.

P.s I am not legend
what..the? seem to live in a strange world.
Just watch the movie and stop moaning!

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Ok so 007 is on again and that means one thing!

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