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ermintrude35 | 14:04 Sat 07th Jul 2007 | Media & TV
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...I never realised John lock sang invisible touch....


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lol. I just watched it. By the way, What is the music that was featured in the background at about 14:05 (UK Time), around the time when Jonthan Ross was interviewing Black Eyed Peas, there was a video which was played with a woman talking about the River Thames Barrier, does anybody know what the background music was that was featured in that video clip. (It was the UK Broadcast). Many Thanks. All Help is Greatly Appreciated.
is that damien rice on with David Gray!???!
yay it is.....oh I couldnt be happier.
What utter tosh. For a self-confessed rock chick, I am dissapointed in you Goody.

Gray is a wobble head nonce and Rice is just boring, boring and thrice boring.

Shame on you.
A Doris Day cover. I rest my case!!!!!
you know I like the singer/songwriter stuff!?!

Im all for indie most of the way but what am I supposed to chill to huh? If you suggest any dad rock, I might just cry.

Those boys, Damien especially have voices that just are perfect. Gray gave Bowie a run for his money in 2000.
Que sera sera Goody.
But I keep turning over to BBC1 for the ladies tennis final. Christ, that Bartoli is one cute young girl.
are you and Legend just becoming one person?
No Goody, I have class, wit and humour on my side.

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