being an extra on eastenders

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froggyjr | 20:17 Wed 13th Jun 2007 | Media & TV
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how do i go about becoming an extra on eastenders my name is jamie lee


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Sign up with some casting agencies that supply extras? Try the Yellow Pages or Google to find some
If you want to be an extra on Eastenders only, then you could try the Eastenders production office, thought I doubt they would take you on without some experience.
As CheekyChops suggests, sign up with an agency ( and avoid any that ask for a payment ).
If you want to work on Eastenders, it would be best if you live in or near Borehamwood, as extras don't get paid a lot, and the work may only a few days each month, so you may not make much of a living out of it.
Fees can range from �25 ( Equity minimum is �40 ) to �100 per day, but this will depend on the production company.
This is from the BBC website:

If you are serious about becoming an extra, you'd be well advised to get a copy of the industry's handbook "Contact" which is published by Spotlight.

You can contact Spotlight at The Spotlight, Charles House, 7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7BP, telephone 020 7437 7631 or go to their website

Also have a read here (but the page wasn't loading properly when I looked): /interviews/interview_content/interview_more_e .shtml

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being an extra on eastenders

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