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American Pie prom music

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SavageMonkey | 18:55 Mon 09th Feb 2004 | Film, Media & TV
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What is the music played in the prom in American Pie 1? I haven't seen the film in ages, but I vaguely remember that it was a high level shot that was looking down over the hall of people dancing. Also, the edit was really short: it faded the song on, then after like 5 seconds it changed to another shot with another song. There weren't really any lyrics, just like this:

^Something like that :D

I also remember it being used in the Sky Movies joint advert for 'Not another teen movie' and 'American Pie'.

I'd be really grateful if you could tell me the other songs that were played in that scene also.

Is anyone that can help me?


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I know that one of the songs was called 'Midnight At the Oasis'. For the rest of the songs, here is a link to the soundtrack listing at the Internet Movie database:
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Thanks violaine, I had already checked the imdb soundtrack listings, but that didn't help for me to figure out which one it is exactly.

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American Pie prom music

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