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Has reality tv had its day?

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AB Asks | 17:19 Mon 26th Mar 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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Castaway has been shipped to an off-peak time on Channel 4 as its ratings have fallen to 2.1 million. The programme follows the fortunes of 13 contestants on the Great barrier Reef for three months. Figures for the programme have halved since the current series started. Could this shift mark the beginning of the end for reality TV? Do you think that a decline in reality programmes would be a good or a bad thing?


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i thought castaway was on bbc and in new zealand and shipwrecked on channel 4?
Wherever they are it's not far enough!!!
Anyway, getting to the question, I hate these type of shows and have done for years, so if it is happening, yes, it's a good thing.
I agree with postdog and surely its about time they were ditched ,sometimes it seems that they are the only thing on tv.Luckily i spend most of my spare time reading or visiting friends and generally having a life instead of watching other peoples attempts.
Saying that what would you put on in place of all the reality shows?Any ideas?
Holding my hand's up. I love Wife Swap. Nowt else though.
Hi cyanide - I think we need more cooking and nutrition type prgrammes. We don't have nearly enough of them.
TV executives are just damned lazy. If it's not a murder mystery / police drama / medical drama / fly-on-the-wall / celebrity 'talent' show / reality challenge show / house-hunting show / cookery programme, they don't want to know.

Beginning of the end?

Let's hope so.

Good or bad?

Good. All they do is pander to the voyeuristic side of their viewers.

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Has reality tv had its day?

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