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Jade Goody goes to India

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AB Asks | 10:47 Wed 28th Feb 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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Jade Goody is making a four day visit to India following the Big Brother race row. The 'private' trip paid for by Jade herself, is hoped to build some peace. Her visit has already caused chaos with angry locals and television reporters following her every move and trying to find her hotel room. What do you think of Jade's visit to India? 'Is it a carefully planned PR stunt or is it a genuine peace making trip?


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I think the other two have got away with it completely, especially that little mare Danielle.
She was racist and still like Jade she is all over the front pages making with the timmid litle girl look. She was a nasty piece of work, standing back and egging on Jade in her load mouth rants and then laughing at Shilp's distress and watching the fall out.
All three of them should be consigned to media history.
100% agree tigerlilly
after all the so called racism on celeb big bro- i was ecstatic that i would not have to put up with her stupidity anymore-
unfortunatley it seems she will never go away-
what will it take to get away from her ??

i hate these reality shows where idiots - no other word for it- pure idiots- get famous for having no discernable talent .............
get the fat pig and put her in isolation somewhere
hopefully she will get stoned to death- or trampled by an elephant.
It is more than likely a PR trip. I think she was a very silly girl to rant on like she did, but I also think she has been made a scapegoat and the others got off very lightly. Jackson didn't hit the headlines with his comments and Shilpa isn't the goody two shoes she's pretended to be either. I feel it has gone on long enough now and the media ought to find something good in this world to write about.
I think that the stature of Jade Goody is as close to a modern morality tale as we are likely to get. A talentless and charmless person is rewarded for her stupidity with untold riches. The media follow her every move andher wealth and fame increase. Then her "fall" begins and the very people that made her begin to claim surprise that she could behave in such an oafish manner.

In a sane world this would be the end of it. Yet the media continues to report her "private" trip ( omitting to mention her employing Shilpa Shetty's ex-agent ). The media feigns moral outrage at the PR stunts and CONTINUES TO REPORT THEM!

I am not surprised . I have just passed a magazine rack where a luridly dressed Danielle Lloyd promises to tell us " exclusively" about her and Teddy Sheringham.

People keep reading it and they will keep writing it.

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the majority of these posts are about how "bad" a person she is with loads of name calling, well doesnt that make you people just as bad? of course in your minds it doesnt!
roomster , you're entitled to your opinion of course you are but I'd be interested to hear your opinion on the fact that Jade ripped off people with her fitness video. Claiming to have shaped up purely with her exercise regime when all the time she had used some form of liposuction , giving overweight people false hope like that , what is your take on that?

It's obviously a PR stunt. I hope she stays there and never comes back!
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It is a sad state of affairs in this country when we make a multi-millionaire out of somebody so ugly fat, and downright thick as Jade Goody.
Jade Goody would not be a millionare if the public thought nothing of her. If we were all the same this place would be boring but you are only adding to her fortune by arguing about her and creating more interest. Yes we all have our opinions but if you really have that little interest in the girl then why bother to even answer the question? And to wish such hurt on another human is just sick.... 2 wrongs and all that.
Andy I am assuming now that you are indeed Mr Perfect?
Flora has a point,
why are we still discussing this matter?
It was purely a PR stunt as any damage has already been done.
It sucks that Jade has managed to make so much money despite her being thick as a wagon of wood, ugly as sin and the result of a cr*p reality tv show. However, the fact of the matter is that she managed it.
I am considered as a smart man with a high IQ and the ability to do just about anything well. However, if the opportunity came about to get on telly and act as if I had the mental ability of a saucepan in order to get loads of money, I think I would quit my 24/7 on call job and do that.
It must be a slow news day though when the head subject on AB is Jade 'am I mingin'? Goody'
No time for Jade Goody or that Bl**dy show Big Brother but,
Peace building trip, some form of apology?

When was the last time a foreign national visited these shores to apologise to us?

Just a thought.
It is a sad state of affairs that we no longer have freedom of speech.

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Jade Goody goes to India

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