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Confessions of a Diary Secretary.

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anotheoldgit | 18:01 Mon 26th Feb 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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Regardless of what one thinks of John Prescott, how are Channel 4 allowed to show their programme 'Confessions of a Diary Secretary' (Wed. 9-00pm - 10-30pm), when it is really an expose of two peoples private lives? Is this not an infringment of their Civil Liberties?
And is it fair to his wife and Family, also to Tracey Temple's husband and family?



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of course they are,its true
People in the public eye who behave as JP has done are seen as fair game by the media, and if interesting enough, by dramatists.

Mr Prescott is experienced enough a politician to know that - and he must accept that people are sufficiently titilated by his recent dallience that this drama will have an audience, and be debated.

As for Ms. Temple - she should have been aware of the risks, both public and private, when she took on the job, and Mr Prescott.

I find myself with little sympathy for the individuals concerned, but with considerable sympathy for their imediate loved ones, who are innocent victims in this whole sorry mess.

But an infringement of Civil Liberties? You can only go down that road if you follow the parallel path of infringement of government premises and ministerial time - both funded by the tax payer.

I suspct all concerned will smile through gritted teeth and pray for Victoria Beckham to fall off her stilletoes in the next day or so!
And leave Cg=hanel 4 alone's on ITV lol
when it all be came public miss temple went straight to the newspapers and sold her story!!
Question Author
Sorry about that UKbloke04 I just assumed that it was Channel 4 material.

The written word is very different to hanging out all their dirty washing (including his XXL Y-Fronts) for all to see on the small screen.

Since whatever pillow talk or other private conversations that took place between them, can only be total supposition, then surely it will leave the TV Company open to legal action being taken against them? That is unless we see both their names included in the credits as Technical Advisors.
it will be "based on" therefore cant do anything
Question Author
What about the real names have been substituted by fictitious ones to protect their privacy? Or are people in the public arena, the only people who cannot have a private life?

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