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cyanide | 16:05 Thu 22nd Feb 2007 | Media & TV
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Nuff said.


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Question Author
Oh yes,have you had a look?
Can't open it up properly as am in work and it is firewalled, anyway, isn't Duncan so I will leave it to you and curlyperm.
Question Author
How very gracious of you!LOL.
PMSL, type his name into wikipedia and got this, he seems to have aged a lot recently or else he has had plastic surgery!
Question Author
Ha ha ha ha,that was very funny,thanks for the laugh.
You are very welcome, at least my Duncan is there.
Question Author
Yeah he`s nice,and seems like he`s got a good sense of humour,unlike deborah meadon........
i think duncan looks fabulous,
I would!!!

Deborah scares the living daylights out of me and I think she may have a problem with women, considering how nasty she is at times! I know she is a women in a predominantly mans world but there is no need to be rude which she can be.
Question Author
I know the other week she was downright insulting and i really don`t like the way she she gives those sly sideways glances,although i think she actually smiled in last nights show...or it was wind.
Was that when the pretty girl was wanting money for her franchise in hair dressing salons? I f so I thought she was particulary nasty and it was totally unwarranted. Think I did see a glimmer of a smile on her physog last night but as you say it could have been wind!!!!
Question Author
Yeah that was the one,she didn`t even give her a chance,miserable bat,she`s the last person i`d go to for a loan.I`ve got a friend a bit like her ;great at the business she runs but a swinging brick for a heart!LOL.
OMG just seen this cyanide!!! thank you sooooo much, if you look carefully, you can see the word 'curlyperm' entwined in the coat of arms!!!!!!!! (well I can anyway ;
by the way..........Ms Misery guts Deborah Meadon didnt smile last night, its more of a sneer : / what i wouldnt give to be sat in her seat!!!!!!!
Question Author
Ha-ha,hello curly,glad you found my post i was beginning to wonder where you`d gone,i thought for a minute that mr.jones had whisked you away to his private island.....sigh.
well he did, phew, but i'm back now................(gotta let him see his pesky kids at the weekend havent i?? ; P

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FAO Curlyperm

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