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Noel Fielding..

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Goodsoulette | 16:04 Sat 30th Dec 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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as funny as food poisoning! Gasp! as this is how he has just been described on another thread here.

Noel Fielding (the mighty boosh, IT crowd) is the best thing to come of British comedy in my lifetime, in my opinion. His amazing looks of course help.

IS humour really only funny when its insulting someone? Or dragged down to stupid toilet humour a la Little Britain. I really think The Might Boosh is the thinking mans humour.... or maybe its just weed induced fun. So whats everyone esle think. After watching The Big Fat Quiz I personally am very excited at the though of Noel and Russel starting a goth detectives sitcom... sounds Brilliant.


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Dont find him funny either I'm afraid.
Totally agree with you.
I dont find the Borat school of humour particularly clever where as The Mighty Boosh carries on the tradition of British surreal humour.
I love Noels' stream of consciousness ramblings and think he has a fantastic view of the world.
I also like his seeming lack of cynicism aswell and he has always got that daft grin on his face - which you cant help being cheered up by.
Lets not forget Julian Barret's contribution aswell - he is also brilliantly funny and a worthy jazz maverick.
Question Author jazz deformed cousin knew I lawyas like something about you.
I agree. Noel and Julian are just what comedy needs now. The Boosh is something different. They are very funny and seem like nice people too.
Comedy is a matter of one's personal taste.
So, really there will never be agreement where people differ on the matter of who is, or isn't, funny. I am with the anti-Boosh league, but what does thay matter to someone who likes them? It won't stop them from laughing, will it?
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I saw Mighty Boosh live about 1998 or 99 and they were brilliant I think they are much better than Little Britain which I also think is good but you know all the jokes in it now as pretty much the same each episode and is also repeated far too much on BBC3. Also some of LB sketches complete rip off of other people from years back ie Harry Enfield Show etc
can't wait for series 3 of Mighty Boosh!!!!
Hilarious and my wife thinks he "do-able" so there.
Question Author
I knew we could count on Nox.
Hooray for the Boosh!
The only thing I have even seen him on was the quiz show shown over Xmas introduced by Jimmy Carr.

He was paired with Russel Brand.

They were both AWFUL.

I had never seen Noel Fielding before and had no idea who he was. He seemed very amatuerish and totally unfunny.

Russel Brand thought he was funny on that show but he and Noel seemed like a couple of naughty schoolboys trying to play up at a school assembly.

I think they will both look back at their appearances on that show and realise they were awful.
You didnt see Fielding at his best VHG.

It is obviously a question of taste but he does have a brilliant
sense of imagination and does great surreal monlogues that are as random as they are clever.
He has a childish sense about him but that isnt such a bad thing because as i said before he seems to have no cynicism about his comedy.
The Mighty Boosh is one the afficianados i think but well worth exploring.
I am sorry to say that the only thing I found funny over the holidays was Noel and Russell - I thought they were hilarious so good that I watched it the 3 times it was repeated. I was disappointed with all the telly - even Guy of Guisbourne could not rescue the feeble Vicar od Dibley
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hey ric ror I watched it three times too. They were much much funnier than stroppy arsed David Walliams ( I dont care if he was putting it on, it wasnt funny). Im gonna go eat my bits of rainbow now.

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Noel Fielding..

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