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Loosing gemma

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unruliejulie | 23:35 Tue 19th Dec 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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OK, so i just watched loosing gemma and although i really enjoyed it, i am a bit baffled as to why Zac and Coral tracked Gemma down the way they did. What did they really want with her? does anyone know what their reasoning for doing what they did? Surely it was not just cause they wanted and au pair! Any thoughts would be glady welcomed to help me make some sense of it. Thanks


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I got the impression they wanted to meet someone and suggest a menage a trois?? That's what it looked like to me. But, why go to those lengths for that!? Bit extreme? Or they wanted to plan a murder themselves and it back-fired? I'm not sure. I enjoyed it too but the fuzziness in the story annoyed me. Also, why was Ester with that Gemma when she didn't even know her?
sair5412, i only watched first episode, got bored with it gemma was supposed to be going with another girl who was esthers friend and esther but she had an accident and couldnt go, so gemma and esther went by themselves
Hi all,

Both my wife and I were totally confused about the whole storyline.

What could have been an exellent two parter turned into a long drawn out flop.

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Thanks guys, glad it wasnt just me being a bit thick then! lol
Way too many holes which spoilt a potentially good storyline!
hi julie

i was puzzled too ... my friend suggested that zac and coral were trying to fleece money out of gemma - but they hadn't realised that she was a bit of a psycho... think that was it anyway!! it was well weird though, i enjoyed the first part and then got confused!!!
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hi rom, not sure why they would think she had money though, the other one would have been a better bet for that looking at the pair or em, still, guess we'll never know, I did enjoy the first part, shame it let itself down on the second.
Im gutted cos i put it on record on my sky planner cos i was out, and when i went to watch it the next day, i noticed that it failed, so i never got to watch it!!!
I thought it was poo too - couldnt understand why ester kicked up such a fuss about Gemma wanting the psycho Zak dead and then Gemma seeming all evil at the end it was just weird. And what was with Ester's stupidly crap scouse accent!???? Why didnt they get a real scouser? Sometimes it was there sometimes it wasnt and when it was there it was awful!!! Load of rubbish i missed Gordon Ramsey for that!

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Loosing gemma

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