To welshfox - cost of Sky

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vehelpfulguy | 12:35 Mon 27th Nov 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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to welshfox

You said in this discussion that sky was way too expensive. 22856.html

Did you know you can get sky for a one off payment of �150 and nothing more to pay. It is called Freesat.

See this website

You get a sky dish, a sky box, and you are able to watch all the FREE channels that are available on the Sky system (not movies and sport of course)

It gives you 120 TV channels and 80 radio channels, and because it comes in via your sky dish and not the aerial you should get much better quality picture.

I know �150 is more than a �50 Freeview box, but it is a one off payment and you never have to pay Sky any more money.

Does anyone here actually use Freesat from Sky ?


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Unfortunately,or fortunately for SKY,most people only have SKY for Sports or the Movies.
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Yes, but welshfox says where he lives he could not get a freeview signal.

I was merely offering him an alternative, which for a �150 one-off charge offers him a good deal (ie more channels).

He could not get Sky sports or movies with Freeview either, so I was offering him a like-for-like alternative.
Sorry,vehelpfulguy,I wasn't being funny only I never read the thread. Welshfox is probably lucky they can't get a signal.!!

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To welshfox - cost of Sky

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